Trade Policy

Trade Policy


Effective Jan 1, 2014


Cover to Cover gives a trade towards other books based upon the value of what we would sell the books for. Most books sell for UP TO half the cover price. Please bring any books you have for trade to the counter BEFORE you start to browse as we cannot guarantee that we will take any of them (whether they were purchased from us or not). There are some books that are cash only, no trade can be used on them.  All of your trade must be used on the day you bring the books in.


We will no longer accept any large trades during the last hour of business. If we do accept the books during the last hour it will be on a cash basis, no credit will be given. Management will decide what is considered a large trade.


Some books are traded within specific categories. Please check below for details.


Cover to Cover does not accept other stores non-returnables, library discards, or garage sale leftovers.


Books from our former 2099A and 7-2835 Pembina address and Bookshelf books will only be taken back if we have a need for them.


We do not hold books for trading purposes.


NO CROSS TRADING! Books for Books, comics for comics, etc. Archie Digest are also traded only for other Archie Digests due to high demand.    .


We no longer accept books under $5.95 cover price except in Science Fiction, Mystery, War (Non-fiction) , Westerns, Literature, Paranormal and some collectors/out of print books. We only accept Books on CD for trade, all Books on Tape are final sale.


Romances (Harlequin Presents Romances,  Intrigue, Super romances Historical and any  Silhouette) published before Jan 2012,  will only be accepted if originally purchased from us with our store stamp in them and if we have need or have room for them. Romance that are soiled and damaged will not be taken regardless if they were purchased here or not.


Trade on any comic $10.00 & up, only 50% of the trade will be used against the total price. Ex: if you pick a $50.00 comic & you have $50.00 trade only $25.00 of the trade will come off the $50.00. You will still have $25.00 to use on another comic.


As of Jan 1, 2013 a $3.00 minimum must be spent over and above any trades brought in or trade credits issued.


Ex. If you have $12.00 in trade, you must find at least $15.00 in books. If you have $12 in trade and only find $12 worth of books you will still be charged the $3.00 extra.






New Books– Traded for other new books only (marked with Red Stickers)


Credit or Trade- Trade that can be used toward any books in the store (expect books marked no trade or New Books)


Fiction- Trade that can be used only towards books in the Fiction (General, Historical, Movie books, Regencies and Gothics) ,Thrillers (Detective, Spy, Serial killer, War fiction and Action/Adventure) and the Overstocked racks categories.


Hard covers/Trade Paperbacks(formerly Oversized)- All Hard covers and Trade paperbacks are included in this category (except Children’s).  Please note: As of February 1, 2010, Trade paperback/Hardcover Novels(oversized novels) will only be traded for other Trade paperback/Hardcover novels(oversized novels).


Children's Books- Traded towards Children's and Young Adult novels. These are all found in the same section. Does not include Humour from other sections, Comics or Archie digests.


Comic- traded towards back issues and $.45 comics, not for funny comics and Archie digests.


Archie digests and comics-trade that can be used towards Archie comics, digests and other back issue comics


Audio books and CD‘s - Can be trade for Audio Books only (CD for CD/No more trades on Tapes)


Please note that Archie’s returned with ripped covers, missing pages and/or water damaged even with the Cover to Cover price sticker, will no longer be given trade at the sticker price.




Romances- All romances published in the last year (Harlequin Historical, Super Romances, Temptation, Intrigues, Silhouette Desires, Shadows, etc.) traded same for same.      



Please be aware that some books are marked as No Trade, and are cash ( including Interac, Credit Card) only.