Text Box: Tony Hazzard: eternal man of mystery. The search for answers only bring more questions...read on if you dare! Also known, to his closest friends, as Bunky. Feel free to refer to him this way, or, in formal situations, as Mr. Bunky. Bunky is a man who loves his comics, a man who eats a lot of red skittles, a man who recently turned...FORTY. Mr. Hazzard reads James Patterson. If Tony Hazzard were trapped on a desert island and had only one song to listen to over and over and over, that song would be Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb. No kiddin’. Tony is seven feet tall and has a little known history with the WWE (back when it was still the WWF). Tony Hazzard owns two comic and bookstores in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dr. Hazzard may or may not play ball hockey. Tony likes his strawberries. Mr. Hazzard is not a doctor. Tony Hazzard = art! Tony collects a lot of comics. Tony has collected comics for a long time. How long, you ask? Long enough to name every single Avenger off the top of his head on any given afternoon (but not mornings). And that’s a long time.

Who is Bunky?

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